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- You save up to NOK 2,000 on your insurance in Norway

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- the insurance-approved bicycle register -
1 bike
kr. 169 / year
Unlimited bikes
kr. 349 / year
Reduce the risk of theft
Save up to kr. 2,000 on your insurance
Increase the chances of getting your bike back if it is stolen
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Single package – Bicycle register subscription for a single bike

1 bike

kr 169,00 / year

Family package – Bicycle register subscription for all family bicycles

Unlimited bikes

kr 349,00 / year

How Bikemember works

When you get a new bike you can either register at a shop that sells BikeMember, or you can do it here on our website when you get home.

If you choose to register your bike in the store, they will put a security wafer on your bike with a unique number. This wafer is a sticker that is difficult to remove! But it is not impossible, and that is why you also need to register your frame number! It is important that the sticker is placed so that it is visible on your bike. The sticker has a size of 3 × 6 cm and is seen here to the right.

If the worst should come to pass and your bike gets stolen, you can easily change the status to be stolen here on our website. Then, with their access rights, the police have the opportunity to change the status of the recovered, if they are lucky enough to find your bike again. If this happens, you, as owner, will be promptly informed that your bike has been found again.

Your insurance company also has access. Here they can transfer the ownership of the bike, if they choose to pay compensation to you.

BikeMember video See video

Bike ID sticker for the bike, 3×6 cm.

A sea of benefits

As a member of Bikemember you get many benefits.
In addition to insurance premiums, the subscription is flexible, and you can always terminate it if, for example, you sell the bike or move the registration if you buy a new bike.

FG approved

An FG-approved bike register, which gives you half deductible on the bike or discounts at your current insurance company

Fewer bicycle thefts

With Bikemember, the chance of your bike being stolen and going through long cases is minimized.

The memories are worth a lot

Improves your chance of getting your stolen bike back

Makes resale easy

You can easily sell your bike and transfer your bike registration to a new owner

Secure payment by card

Safe and secure payment online by credit card.

Flexible subscription

You can easily and quickly cancel or downgrade your subscription whenever you want.