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New insurance-approved bicycle register

New Insurance Approved Bike Register

Get discounts or up to 50% off on excess coverage with your insurance company!

Sign up with BikeMember - the new FG-Approved bicycle register.

Register your bike for just NOK 149 yearly. Or all of the family’s bikes for just NOK 299 yearly. Register today, pay online and receive your safety stickers that is glued on the bike in the mail! Having a safety sticker on the bike will make your bike less attractive to potential bike thieves.

BikeMember is the modern successor to Falck’s Bicycle Register (Falken) that no longer exists. We provide the same service as Falck’s Bicycle Register, but in a much easier, more flexible and user friendly way.

As a BikeMember you get lots of advantages!


  • FG-Approved bike register offers you up to 50% off on your bike’s excess coverage or discounts with your existing insurance company.
  • Minimize your chance of having your bike stolen.
  • Improve your chances of getting your stolen bike back.
  • Easily re-sell your bike and transfer the ownership to the new owner.
  • Safe and secure card payment.
  • Quickly and conveniently cancel or up- or downgrade your subscription.