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Our history

Bikemember is a Norwegian company founded and run by Ole Jørgensen, former Falck employee in both Norway and Denmark. Ole shares our passion for cycling and recognized the need for improved protection of bicycles after Falck ended its monopoly as a bicycle registry in Norway in 2017. This opened the door for new FG-approved bicycle registries such as BikeMember, which aim to offer increased safety for cyclists.

The founder of BikeMember has previously worked as finance manager at Falck Redning, and with a good knowledge of the old bicycle register, he created a competing bicycle register against Securmark (the company that acquired the Falck bicycle register). BikeMember is a modern successor to the Falck Bicycle Register, but with a focus on a newer, better and more user-friendly digital system.

Among other things, we want it to be the easiest and safest possible to register your bike and to contact bike owners if necessary. This is another good reason why we became the first bicycle register to receive FG approval in 2017. Of the current bicycle registers in Norway, BikeMember is therefore the oldest FG-approved bicycle register today.

Our vision

Our vision is clear: to minimize bike theft and make it easier to return lost bikes to their rightful owners. We exist for the cyclists, and we are constantly developing, with new and innovative cycling services as part of our subscriptions. Our aim is nothing less than to become the Nordic region's largest bicycle register by offering the best and most user-friendly software solution on the market.

We are constantly working to improve our services, so that you can always expect the very best customer service. We are proud to display our TRUSTPILOT rating, which is proof of our commitment to quality and reliability.
We do all this to give you as a cyclist and bike owner a sense of value, and all this at the lowest possible price.

Meet the team

At the core of Bikemember is a dedicated team who share a common vision to make cycling safer for everyone. Our team consists of:

Ole Jørgensen - Founder and CEO Ole is the mastermind behind Bikemember. He is Danish with a background as a former employee of Falck in both Norway and Denmark. Ole is not only our leader, but also a passionate cyclist who understands the need and has the knowledge to better protect bicycles.

Binyamin Mahmoud abdulkhadir - Customer Service Manager Binyamin has worked at Bikemember since 20?? and has extensive experience with customer service and the day-to-day operations of the company. Binyamin is always ready to answer questions and help you get the most out of Bikemember.

Linn Pedersen - Customer service manager Linn started as an employee at Bikemember in the summer of 2022. She also handles customer service, as well as working with the development of the website's design and content.

Behind the core of bikemember there is also a small team of developers who help ensure the development of the website and keep the information safe. Together we make up the team behind Bikemember, and we are here for you!