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Our most important collaboration is with the police. They have their own police users where they can look up bikes they find in the system and find the information of the person who has had their bike stolen.

We also work with insurance companies, companies and organizations to get special offers from us internally.

Interested in collaboration? See bottom of page.

*If you are a member of one of our partners, you will receive discounts on membership with us.

Overview of discounts from insurance companies

Here is an overview of what discounts the various insurance companies give if your bike is registered in an FG-approved bike register as a BikeMember.

Insurance companies change their discount schemes from time to time. If the bike is registered before the start of the change, it is still valid within your insurance period, which is typically one year.

BikeMember continuously updates the overview below, but we still recommend that you double check with your insurance company. BikeMember cannot be held responsible for errors in the overview below.

If recommends registering the bicycle, but currently does not offer any reduction of deductible by registering the bicycle in an FG approved Bicycle Register such as BikeMember
Does not provide a deductible reduction, but a reduced annual premium upon registration in an FG-approved bicycle register such as BikeMember
Reduction of deductible from NOK 3,000 to NOK 1,500
Reduction of deductible of NOK 2,000

New Partner?

Do you sell bicycles in your business or do you have contact with many cyclists?

Then we would very much like to hear from you – and let’s discuss a potential collaboration. A collaboration that increases security and service for your customers!

We are always looking for new, good and reliable partners. Is it you?