How It Works?

How does it work?

BikeMember is FG-approved as a bicycle register. But what does this mean for you? This means that most insurance companies give you a discount on your insurance, or halve your deductible.

Here you can see how much discount you get from your insurance company.

The reason for the discounts is experience that says that fewer bicycles are stolen if they have a Bike ID wafer on the bicycle, and if they are stolen then the probability of them returning to their owner is greater. Most bicycle thefts are utility theft, where the thief wants to sell the bicycle to make money. When it is registered in the Bikemember bicycle register, the buyer can look up the Bike ID or frame number, to see if the bicycle has been reported stolen.

You will receive your Bike-ID leaflets in the mail, and there will be one Bike-ID wafer on each bike. Then the unique Bike ID number on the wafer must be registered on the bike, this is done on under “My Page” when you are logged in.

This wafer is a sticker that is difficult to remove!

However, it is not impossible, and it is therefore important that you also register your frame number!

Sticker for safe bike, 3x6cm

Should the accident take place, and your bike be stolen, you can easily change the status to “Stolen” here on our website.

Then the police with their access rights have the opportunity to change the status to “recovered”, if they should find your bike.

If this happens, you as the owner will be notified quickly that your bicycle has been found.

An exciting news is that we, as the only ones in Norway so far, have made it possible for everyone to scan the Bike-ID wafer on a bicycle, or manually search for either the Bike-ID number or the frame number on, and communicate directly with the bicycle owner if the bike’s owner has registered the bike and reported it stolen to Bikemember.

If you find a bicycle with a Bikemember Bike ID wafer on it, then you can help get it returned to the right owner without the Police, Falck and Lost and Found offices having to be involved. This is both smart and useful for everyone in Norway!