A modern successor to the Falck Bicycle Register

At BikeMember, you get an FG-approved bicycle register on an annual subscription basis.

We offer good prices and the subscription can of course be terminated at any time. For example, if you If you sell your bike or it is stolen, you can easily change the bike registration for your new bike.

Our Single subscription contains bicycle registration for a bicycle and costs NOK 169 / year, and our Family subscription for only NOK 349 / year gives you the opportunity to register all the family’s bicycles, you can of course register both new and used bicycles

Once you have signed up here on the website, you will receive your security leaflets in the mail after a few days.

These contain a unique number, which you must place on your bike where it is visible, and then register the Bike ID number on “My Page” on Here you will also find a list of all your bikes, with associated frame number and unique Bike ID number.

If one of your bikes is stolen, you can easily and quickly change the status to “Stolen” on the current bike. See more and buy here ..

When registering a bicycle, you need the following info:

  • Bicycle brand
  • Bicycle model
  • Bike ID number (The number is on the Bike ID wafer you receive by post and can be registered later)
  • Frame number
  • Date of purchase
  • Year of production
  • Purchase price
  • Whether it is an electric bicycle or not